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Mission statement:
To promote sustainable economic development and improved quality of life of Tajikistan by insuring reliable access to financial services for the economically active members of population.

Our vision is that the people of Tajikistan have access to the high quality, innovative and transparent financial services.


Wide range of loan products

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Business loans

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Loans for business expansion and development

Agro loans

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Loans for agricultural activity and animal husbandry

Consumer loans

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Multipurpose consumer loans for different type of needs

Start - Up loans

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Start Up loans for women with training support 

Loan product Barakat

Loans for rural household development

Micro lease

Loans for purchasing equipment or machine for business

Product Bahoriston

Loans for house making and house improvement

Express loans

Loans for business development and consumer needs

IMON International

High appointment

11 September 2014

GM photo Bonkdori

In August of this year the First Deputy of General Director MDO "IMON INTERNATIONAL" Gulbahor Mahkamova was elected as a chairman of the Board of Directors at Bureau of Credit Histories "Credit-Information Bureau of Tajikistan" (LLC BCH CIBT).
















Getting ready for the school season

29 August 2014

On the eve of the school season in all representations of "IMON INTERNATIONAL" a large-scale information campaign has been conducting to raise awareness of the population of the credit product "Zangi awwal"


The active phase of the «Farah 2014»contest

28 August 2014

The contest for "Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Farah 2014" has begun its third phase with frenzied activity; interviews with the participants of the contest, visits to their businesses, a time of hot debates and finding semifinalists.


"IMON INTERNATIONAL" has been expanding its branch network

26 August 2014

August 25 of this year, the 21st branch of MDO "IMON INTERNATIONAL" began its operations.


20th branch in "IMON INTERNATIONAL"

12 August 2014

On August 11, 2014 started its operations the 20th branch of "IMON INTERNATIONAL" in Mastcha district of Sughd region.


Employees of "IMON INTERNATIONAL" have become blood donors

07 August 2014

Staff of headquarters and Khujand branch of the organization actively involved to the campaign. "IMON INTERNATIONAL" employees expressed a desire to share a part of their blood to those who need it most.


Promotion of socially - oriented services of "IMON INTERNATIONAL" in B.Gafurov district

01 August 2014

June 25, 2014 in the building of the Bakning service center (BSC) of Chkalovsk the training was conducted aimed to improve the financial literacy of the population of the entire region.


Eid al-Fitr - the holy holiday of charity, the time to good deeds and beginnings!

30 July 2014

Every year the employees of the organization have traditionally held charity for the poor, orphans, the disabled in honor of the great holiday..


MDO "IMON INTERNATIONAL" gets rating A+ from "MicroFinanza Rating" for the second time

16 July 2014

International company "MicroFinanza Rating" certified by the World Bank group - CGAP on assessment of microcredit organizations and banks, carried out  an international rating of social activities of MDO "IMON INTERNATIONAL" and assigned rating A +.


Regional trade fair “Sughd-2014”

16 July 2014

25-26 June, 2014 at the "Sports Palace" of Khujand the Regional Trade Fair "Sughd -2014" was held.


International training in “IMON INTERNATIONAL”

16 July 2014

In order to exchange experiences, study activities of "IMON INTERNATIONAL", the representatives of Microcredit organization Asian Credit Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the organization.



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